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Beware of the Google Pixel 7! Some users report that their camera glass breaks on its own

The glass of the rear cameras of some devices Google pixel 7 is breaking for no apparent reason after normal use of the smartphone, as reported by some users who have experienced this failure on their mobile phone.

The Google Pixel 7 devices were launched last October and have established themselves as the flagship model of the brand, standing out for its new Tensor G2 processor, a long-lasting battery and the cameras, one of the main attractions of the phone for its photography quality. .

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However, just a few months later, Users have begun to experience these breaks in the external glass of the cameras without a specific cause and using the terminal in a normal way. In this sense, it is a recurring bug in devices and therefore seems to point to a production error by Google.

The affected users have denounced it through platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, where they have explained that their device did not suffer blows or pressure on the glass of the cameras, nor was it used under extreme temperatures or strange situations.

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For his part, though the developer company has not made official statements about itit has acknowledged that it is aware of this failure in front of the users who have reported it, since it is managing these incidents through a support channel in which it reviews each case, as shown in the screenshots of the conversation between an affected user and Google support.

In that same message, the technology company indicates that “after the engineers deliberated on this issue” they decided not to include it as part of the smartphone warranty. However, in the case of some users, Google has responded to these incidents, agreeing to replace the units as long as it is verified that the user was not the cause of this breakage.

Source: Elcomercio

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