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CES 2023: Samsung presents a cell phone prototype that can fold and extend its screen

samsung Display has shared the innovations in panels OLED that will mark the future of mobile devices, including a mobile prototype that folds and extends, and new sliding screen concepts.

Samsung has presented a prototype of OLED technology that can both fold and extend, which it collects under the name of Flex Hybrid and with which it seeks to show the future of mobile phones.

Specifically, Flex Hybrid applies folding technology to the left side of the screen, while the right can be extended. In this way, sizes of 10.5 inches can be achieved with a 4:3 or 12.4-inch format in 16:10, as reported in a press release.

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This technology will be present at the CES 2023 fair, which starts this week in Las Vegas (United States), where Samsung will also show the 17-inch slider panelwhich could be seen during Intel Innovation 2022 in early October, in a prototype computer with a stretchable display design.

This laptop, with a tablet design, would change the diagonal of its screen from 13 inches to 17 inches, a sample of the potential of OLED screens beyond folding.

At CES, Samsung will show the two sliding panel concepts: Flex Slidable Solowhich expands the screen on only one side, and the Flex Slidable Duet, which expands it on both sides.

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The South Korean company will also bring to CES 2023 the novelties of QD-OLED technology, which stands out for offering image quality from any angle, without distortion. New for 2023 are the implementation of this panel in a 77-inch size and the use of an optimized algorithm to improve color brightness.

Samsung has also announced New Digital Cockpit, a product designed for the digital cockpits of autonomous vehicles. It combines a 32-inch screen with another 15.6-inch with which it seeks to offer a “optimal viewing experience in driving mode” inside.

Source: Elcomercio

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