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Care! You could be downloading fake AMD drivers if you found them on Google and Bing

Threat actors have managed to push to the top of the search results list for drivers of AMD a fraudulent link that, instead of downloading these drivers, downloads malware and has been reported on engines such as Google and Bing.

Drivers are software components that are downloaded to a device and that allows it to communicate with an operating system and that brands like AMD offer free to use their products. In this case, AMD Radeon, Ryzen, EPYC or Instinct.

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A group of cybercriminals has managed to put at the top of the search results list from popular search engines like Google Search and Microsoft Bing a fraudulent link which promises to offer signature drivers.

Instead of these plugins, the seemingly legitimate and nearly identically designed link to AMD’s website, download software with malicious payload onto devices thanks to links to .exe files, as Reddit users have advanced.

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The malicious actors they have used SEO tricks and paid to place their ads in the first instance to take advantage of the confidence of users in the position of the results, according to what they point out from Hardware Times.

Source: Elcomercio

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