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Belarus, Russia start joint tactical air exercises

The Russian-Belarusian military grouping located in belarus Joint tactical air exercises began on Monday that will last until next February 1, reported the Ministry of Defense of that neighboring former Soviet republic of Ukraine.

Joint tactical air exercises of the units of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia that are part of the air component of the regional military group began today“Defense said in a statement.

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The exercise plan, according to the press release, includes a tactical air landing, cargo delivery and a casualty evacuation drill.

In addition, Belarusian and Russian planes will jointly patrol the Belarusian border and carry out support actions for ground troops.

According to him Ministry of Defencethe objective of the exercises is “increase operational compatibility in compliance with combat training tasks”.

The exercises are purely defensive in nature.”, said that Sunday the secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, General Pavel Muraveiko.

The Belarusian senior official assured that “all the hysteria (that has been generated around these maneuvers) is solely to draw attention to a non-existent problem”.

On October 10 of last year, the President of Belarus, Alexandre Lukashenkoannounced the creation in his country of a joint regional military grouping with Russia.

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According to the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, the Russian component of the joint regional military group would be made up of at least 9,000 soldiers, 170 tanks, 200 armored cars and up to 100 artillery pieces and mortars with a caliber greater than 100 mm.

The Ukrainian authorities have for the moment ruled out an attack from Belarusian territory, as occurred at the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, ordered by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin on February 24 of last year.

Source: Elcomercio

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