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Noam Chomsky questions ChatGPT: it is a form of “high-tech plagiarism”

In the last year the Artificial intelligence (AI) has become fashionable, but there is a system in particular that attracts attention: the ChatGPTand that even the intellectual Noam Chomsky has pointed it out as a way to plagiarize, but with high technology.

What is ChatGPT about? It is a chat system based on the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence language model, which has been worked on by the OpenAI company. Like all AI, this chat is trained to have conversations with natural language and accurate and complete responses.

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Today it attracts by the way to solve any type of question, although it is possible to make mistakes. But the use that can be given to it has aroused some criticism.

In an interview with the EduKitchen YouTube channel, Chomsky noted some problems in education. “For years there have been programs that have helped teachers detect plagiarized essays. Now it will be more difficult, because it is easier to plagiarize. But that is the only contribution to education that I can think of, ”he indicated.

According to the Open Culture report, the prominent American linguist, the ChatGPT system “may have some value for something”, but “it is not obvious what”. In that way, he for one sees it as “basically high-tech plagiarism” and “a way of avoiding learning.”

And it is this last point that is the main danger. Because? Because the fact that students use this technology to avoid learning “is a sign that the educational system is failing.” It is a situation similar to the appearance of the Smartphone.

Source: Elcomercio

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