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eVTOL: flying car reaches 360 km/h and looks like something out of Formula 1 | VIDEO

The future of cars is up in the air. And it is that the development of eVTOL flying vehicleswith vertical takeoff and landing, is still under development and one of the reasons is competition.

One of these vehicles is the one that the company Alauda Aeronautics has developed. This is the Arispeeder Mk4, a flying vehicle that is also emerging as the first manned design that can reach 360 km/h.

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It is the evolution of the Mk3 model. It has the following measurements: 5.73 meters long, 3.62 meters wide and 1.44 meters long, and weighs 950 kilos, according to the El Español page. The first prototype appeared in 2019 and it was not until 2021 when the Mk3 model was made public, which has made 350 flights.

Now, the new model has a chassis that imitates Formula 1 race cars, with a carbon fiber monocoque, air intakes and front and rear wings. It also has sensors, cameras and communication devices.

Instead, the new Mk4 model has included a 1,000 kW hydrogen turbogenerator to power the batteries and engines. It also features a Thunderstrike engine that features “a unique combustor made using 3D printing techniques developed in the space industry.”

Source: Elcomercio

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