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Artifact, the news app made by the creators of Instagram, is now available

Artifact, the news app you use Artificial intelligence (AI) to generate custom content is now available for download globally and with device versions iOS and Android.

The platform is the result of the work of Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who left what was then Facebook (later renamed Meta) at the end of September 2018 to “re-explore” their “creativity and curiosity.” ”.

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Earlier this month, they introduced Artifact, a platform intended as a personalized news source that uses machine learning technology to learn and understand user interests and generates content from all ideologies.

This service It has a very similar operation to that of TikTokalthough instead of video clips it shows text and articles of interest to users based on the activity they have recorded during use.

Although a few weeks ago the waiting list was opened for those interested in trying this service, the company has now announced that Artifact is available to all userswhich can be downloaded for free through the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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The platform introduces a feed that has the articles published by profiles that the user follows. On the other hand, has an inbox with direct messages, similar to the one that already exists on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. It also offers a Home tab that shows articles considered to be of interest to the user.

Artifact has introduced new features in the version it has released globally, with which it seeks to offer users the ability to “personalize the experience” and gives them control over what they see in the feed.

One of the novelties is the option to consult the most popular news among the users they know. For it, Artifact allows you to connect the user’s contacts with the application and includes a badge in certain news to differentiate them from the rest and highlight that several of your contacts have read them.

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The application also now allows you to view the reading history, that is, after reviewing 10 news or articles, the platform will begin to show statistics on the topics that your subscribers read the most.

Artifact too now offers the possibility for readers to indicate which news or publishers are not of interest to them. To do this, you must press the thumbs down icon, placed on the article itself. In this sense, you can also justify why they have been marked, so that the application takes action and stops making these suggestions.

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Similarly, Artifact will take care of deleting posts that promote fake news, and its machine learning systems will take into account the time users spend inside an article, instead of those that receive a greater number of clicks, in order to “reward the most attractive material”.

The platform does not require the user to enter their phone number in the profile. If you wish, you can start using Artifact simply by selecting your favorite interests.

However, the app has reminded that if a phone number is entered, preferences and history can be saved, as well as log in on all devices or recover access in case of using a new device or terminal.

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