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Elon Musk points out on Twitter that “sometimes he is dumber than he would like”

Elon Musk responded to a Twitter debate about his management style, which has come under intense scrutiny since taking control of the platform.

During the debate, the user @TSLAFanMtl expressed his disagreement with Tesla’s pricing policy, which caused another user to jump to Musk’s defense and accuse the former of thinking he was smarter than the tycoon.

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“Do I think I’m smarter than Elon? No. Does this mean that his or her management does everything 100% right? No. Let’s not idolize and try to be objective. This response is sectarian,” defended the user who started the discussion

So Whole Mars Catalog, an account that often interacts with Tesla’s CEO, agreed with the idea of ​​debating and discussing what the company should do on Twitter, involving both employees and managers in the conversation to help drive the company and its goals.

According to the Whole Mars Catalog, “What I love about Twitter Tesla is that we can debate and discuss what the company should be doing, and have employees and managers join the conversation, ultimately trying to drive the company and its businesses forward.” goals”. In addition, he noted that “Elon knows best is a terrible argument,” adding that while Musk is a brilliant person, he too can be wrong.

The most curious of all is that Musk himself joined the conversation saying: “Sometimes I am dumber than I would like.”

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Since he took over Twitter in October, heMusk’s methods of running the company have come under constant criticism. One of his first moves was to halve the workforce, which now consists of fewer than 1,300 employees, according to CNBC. In addition, the tycoon fired both top executives and workers who criticized his leadership.

In November, Musk also issued an ultimatum to the staff, demanding that they embrace his vision for a “Twitter 2.0.” This vision required working “long hours at high intensity” or risk being fired.

At the end of March, the employer sent an email to employees announcing that office attendance was no longer optional. This move came after the company’s telecommuting policies were removed in November.

Source: Elcomercio

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