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Google Play: this is the function that allows you to automatically archive apps so that they do not take up as much space on your cell phone

Google play has begun to deploy the automatic archive of apps, an optional function that allows you to free up to 60 percent of the space they occupy on the mobile without completely uninstalling them.

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The application archive is the approach that Google has taken to help the user free up space from the device’s memory, and which it has been working on for a year. His Its purpose is to prevent you from having to uninstall ‘apps’, and instead removes only parts of them.

The function that allows applications to be archived has begun its deployment, as reported by Google itself in the Android Developers blog. Specific, It appears in version 33.4 of the Google Play Store app.

This is a feature that the user must enable, and once it has done so, automatically will free up to 60% of the space occupied by applications in memory, “without removing the app presence or user data from the device.”

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As they explain from Google, the automatic file it will act on the applications that the user hardly usesin such a way that the icon and the user’s personal data will remain on the device until the user needs them and updates them to the latest version, as long as they are still available in the Play Store.

This is possible because uses the new ‘App Bundle’ formata system with which Google Play allows you to organize into packages optimized for different configurations of devices and languages, which makes the apps 20% lighter on average than their APK counterparts and also faster to install.

Precisely for this reason, Google clarifies that the apps file is only available for those applications that have this format.

Source: Elcomercio

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