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Cargo delivery robots: the solution for electric cars

Autev, a Seattle-based company, is changing the way EV owners charge their cars by introducing battery-distributing robots. Inspired by popular autonomous robots that deliver food and other goods, these tiny devices roam parking lots and other areas to provide power to cargo-hungry vehicles.

The process is simple: users request a robotic battery through a mobile application, indicating the location in the parking lot where their car is located. The robot goes autonomously towards the customer and they only need to connect the charging cable to their vehicle, being able to take advantage of the time to have a coffee or perform other tasks while charging is complete.

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Once finished, the cable is disconnected and the robot returns to its station to prepare for the next customers. These robots have the ability to charge up to six vehicles before requiring a break, allowing them to serve multiple users simultaneously and efficiently.

Autev. (Autev/)

In addition, the mobile application allows users to interrupt the charging service before it is complete if they are in a hurry, canceling or reducing the necessary charging level. The application can also be used to pay the monthly fee that allows access to the charging service through the robots.

Autev ensures that its system is compatible with DCFC fast charging technology, providing an efficient and convenient solution for EV owners who often face difficulties in finding an available charging station. In addition to customer payments, the company hopes to generate revenue through advertising from advertisers who want to take advantage of the platform.

Although there are other similar devices on the market, such as the Ziggy robots, introduced last year, Autev’s models are more compact and take up less space between parking spaces, making it easier to implement in different environments.

Source: Elcomercio

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