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YouTube: users will now have to specify if they are fan accounts to avoid being removed

As part of a new policy, Youtube will require all users to declare if they manage fan accounts, otherwise they risk being removed. In this way, the platform seeks that a user does not appear to be another.

From 9to5Google, detected this new update that will start working from the August 21 of this year. And it aims to prevent identity theft on the platform.

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Likewise, as Infobae collects “Any channel that claims to be a fan account in its description, but actually impersonates someone else’s account and re-uploads its content will not be allowed.”

Specifically, fan accounts they must clarify in the name of the channel that they are not the official representation of the artist or company that associate in your account.

If one channel looks similar in general to another and uses details like the profile picture or background in a way that appears to be intentional copying, it could be terminated due to the violation of policy impersonation of identitycollects the means of communication.

It should be noted that this is the first time that YouTube establishes specific measures for fan channels, before it only pointed out that it is not allowed to impersonate others.

Source: Elcomercio

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