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Artificial intelligence: tool is used to detect suspects based on their driving style

The use of the artificial intelligence It has grown in recent months, and one of the fields where it is having results is in the search for suspects carried out by the Police. There has even already been an arrest, but he has had a series of legal questions.

This case dates back to March 2022, when David Zayas was driving on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale, in the United States (USA). He was driving a gray Chevrolet, nothing special, but an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool determined that Zayas’ car was on a typical drug dealer trip.

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After the arrest, he was found registering 112 grams of crack, a semi-automatic pistol and $34,000 in cash. According to a report from the Forbes page, the detainee’s lawyer questioned the evidence and accused “clandestine surveillance.”

It was later revealed that more than 16 million license plates were being scanned per week using automatic license plate recognition technology.

It is now known that the Westchester Police Department’s license plate surveillance system was built by Rekor, a $125 million AI company listed on the NASDAQ.

But the case is not only in Westchester: at least 23 police departments and local governments throughout the United States are working with this new AI-based system, from Lauderhill, Florida to San Diego, California. Despite being a possible advantage for the police, it has aroused the demand of privacy defenders.

Source: Elcomercio

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