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Google’s Nearby Share officially comes to all Windows users

Google has officially released the version of the Nearby Share app with compatibility for PC with windowswhich makes it possible to send files between devices with the Android operating system and Windows computers globally.

The tech giant began expanding its Nearby Share service at the beginning of April, when it launched the beta version of the Nearby Share app for sharing files between Android devices and Windows PCs.

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Now, Google has released the ultimate Nearby Share app for Windows PCs around the world, making it possible to send and receive content from mobile phones, tablets and, with this new version, computers.

No need to hunt for cables, media sharing with your own devices or with nearby friends and family is possible with just a few clicks”, the company stressed in a statement.

As detailed by Google, Nearby Share for Windows PC has already been installed by more than 1.7 million people. Likewise, it has also pointed out that more than 50 million files have been transferred between computers and Android devices since its launch, especially photos and videos.

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He has also stressed that, with this version of the app, “improved performance” is offered, and new features have even been added to “make it even easier to share content” with other users of this service.

Nearby Share will display the estimated time left for file transfers to complete. In this way, the user will be able to know how long it will take to send the files, something useful in case of heavy content such as videos or complete folders.

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On the other hand, a preview of the image will also be displayed within the device notifications. Thus, the user will be able to verify that they are sharing the correct file.

Finally, the company has indicated that, in order to make the service “even more fluid” to share between Android devices and PCs, it is working with partners such as the technology company HP to include the Nearby Share application on select Windows PCs, as is the case with HP Dragonfly Pro.

To access the Nearby Share application for Windows PC, simply download it from the website.

Source: Elcomercio

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