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This is what the creator of ChatGPT thinks about the future currency, and includes an eyeball scanner

The name of sam altman has had a global impact and it is almost impossible not to relate it to the ChatGPT; but soon this could change thanks to his vision to create “a new identity and financial network owned by all”.

The head of OpenAI announced the launch of Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project founded in 2019, Business Insider reported, and is billed as a means to “distinguish humans from artificial intelligence (AI) online and preserve privacy.”

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Altman was joined by co-founder Alex Blania and they indicated that if their project is successful, it could “drastically increase economic opportunity”. Thus, users would have a digital identity known as World ID.

Orb is a device that can scan the human eye as a method of identification. (Photo:

How does it work? Users will be able to download the World app, which fulfills the role of a “wallet”. They are then directed to visit an Orb, which scans a person’s eyes to biometrically verify them and share a worldwide ID.

This Orb is a metallic sphere about the size of a soccer ball, it is manufactured in Erlangen, Germany, and consists of a piece of core Worldcoin hardware. It allows to scan the iris of the users.

Now, Altman’s plans include installing 1,500 orbs over the summer and fall in more than 35 cities. In doing so, it offers a vital means of allowing users to offer an online “personality test” at a time of the rise of AI.

Source: Elcomercio

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