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How to protect your computer and cell phone during this heat wave

Lima is going through one of its warmest summers. According to the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service of Peru (Senamhi), The Jesús María area reached a thermal sensation close to 37 °C, exceeding the Peruvian historical average of 28 °C. Now, these high temperatures not only put you at risk, but also the life of your computer and Mobile Equipment. Know how to take care of them?

To understand a little more about why the sun is a danger to your equipment, let’s take into account the study by the US Air Force Avionics Integrity Program. According to what it reveals, heat is the cause of more than 50% of failures in electronic devices. Furthermore, their lifespan can be reduced by half due to a rise of just 10°C.

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According to Infobae, some of the effects that high temperatures cause on computers and cell phones are decreased speed, damaged chips and batteries, discoloration or decreased screen brightness, among others.

And not only is performance affected, overheating can also occur and some internal components can be permanently damaged.

To avoid these problems and be left without communication in the middle of a heat wave, it is important to adopt new habits. Just as you should follow the recommendations to stay cool and hydrated by using sunscreen, you need to pay attention to the following tips to protect your equipment from the summer.

Using your cell phone in direct sunlight can have negative consequences on its useful life. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tips to take care of your cell phone during a heat wave

Here we summarize the main considerations that you should take into account to take care of your cell phone:

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Tips to take care of your computer during a heat wave

These are the main recommendations to prevent your computer from risks:

These recommendations will help you prevent your cell phone and laptop from failing or suffering damage due to high temperatures. And if you notice overheating, the last thing you can do is subject your devices to sudden changes in temperature, such as placing them inside the refrigerator or under water.

Applications to face these hot days

While we tend to our devices, we can also take advantage of the apps available to deal with the heat. Just as it is important to take care of our electronic equipment, so is our health. Therefore, OPPO experts below suggest these apps to stay cool and safe.

Source: Elcomercio

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