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This is what job interviews with Steve Jobs were like: a conversation with a beer in hand

More than 10 years have passed since the death of Steve Jobs and his way of working is becoming legendary. The founder of Manzana He had a rather peculiar method for job interviews which consisted of going out for a beer.

This was stated by Steve Wozniak, also co-founder of the technology giant and friend of Steve Jobs, according to a report by Xataka. And in this way he sought to eliminate all work masks.

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Something that bothered Jobs was that many times in a job interview we seek to give our “best version.” To learn more about the interviewee, the late Apple CEO had two initial questions.

First, I asked if they would be willing to go out for a beer for a comfortable conversation, which would show whether the person is ready to join the team and have good chemistry with other people.

Then, the place they went was to a company terrace, where they could feel more relaxed and more open to genuine conversation.

Jobs was known to ask a little deeper questions, like “when was the last time you accomplished something you’re proud of?” or “what would you do on your dream vacation?” Another example of Jobs’ personality, who used to stray from formality.

Source: Elcomercio

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