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Johannes Vermeer: ​​Google pays tribute to Dutch Baroque artist

Johannes Vermeer He was born in 1632 in Delft, the Netherlands, during the height of the Dutch Golden Age, and although not much is known about his childhood, his talent made his name travel borders and remain valid until now.

It is because of that Google decided to pay tribute to him with a doodle for the exposure he had in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC in 1995, where 21 of 35 of his works were shown.

In 1659, Vermeer began his journey through paintings of home interiors illuminated with a symbolism, a style that distinguished him from other painters of the time.

(Photo: Google Capture)

Vermeer’s art techniques are the subject of debate, as some historians point out that he drew images projected from a camera obscura, but there is no physical evidence to confirm this theory.

That is why his talent is still valid until now and, despite the fact that it was put aside for many years, now his name is within the constellation of artists.

Among his most important works are: “Woman writing a letter, with her maid”, “The allegory of painting”, “Girl reading a letter in an open window” and “The girl with the pearl earring”.

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