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Colombia exceeds 50 million vaccines applied against the coronavirus

Colombia exceeds 50 million vaccines applied against the coronavirus

Colombia exceeds 50 million vaccines applied against the coronavirus

Colombia It exceeded 50 million doses applied against covid-19 thanks to the impulse taken in recent days by vaccination, the Ministry of Health reported on Thursday.

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According to official data, as of Tuesday 50,135,505 vaccines from the pharmaceutical houses Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and the single-dose Janssen had been applied in the country.

On Tuesday alone, 427,278 doses were applied, a considerable increase compared to the previous weeks, which coincides with the announcement by the Government that on the 16th of this month the vaccination card will begin to be required for those over 18 years of age in massive events and in establishments with an agglomeration of people.

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“On Tuesday, November 9, we applied 427,278 doses of Covid 19 vaccine, we exceeded the 50 million doses applied in the country! (50,135,505). The National Vaccination Plan is moving forward ”, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, celebrated on his Twitter account.

Of the more than 50 million vaccines applied, 27.2 million correspond to first doses; 17.9 are second doses and 4.3 million have received the only one from Janssen.

The total number of Colombians who have the complete vaccination schedule amounts to 22.3 million, equivalent to 45% of the country’s population, while 463,861 people have received the third dose, a booster.

To date, the country has received 68.6 million vaccines from different laboratories, of which 60.4 million have already been distributed in municipalities and departments for their application.

Vaccination in Colombia It began on February 17 with health personnel and those over 80 years of age and was gradually expanded to other age groups.

On October 31, the one for children between three and eleven years of age began, with the Chinese Sinovac, with which only those under three years of age have not yet entered the National Vaccination Plan.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the pandemic of covid, which has been significantly reduced thanks to vaccines, has caused 5,021,619 infected and 127,640 deaths in Colombia.

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