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New York will fire about 3,000 employees this Friday for not getting vaccinated against the coronavirus

The city of New York plans to fire some 3,000 municipal employees this Friday who have refused to be vaccinated against covid-19 despite the rules imposed by the City Council on its workers, according to The New York Times.

This is the first round of layoffs for this reason that the Big Apple will carry out and those affected will be public workers who were on leave and who have not presented proof of having been vaccinated.

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That figure represents less than one percent of the total municipal employees, since the local administration employs some 370,000 people, of which 95 percent have received at least one dose, according to figures published today by The New York Times.

The New York City Council has required its workers to get at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine to keep their jobs, and asks for two doses from all new hires.

This Friday, in addition to the first layoffs, will be the deadline for a thousand new workers to show that they have these two doses.

In total, some 13,000 municipal employees have requested some type of exemption from the rule for medical or religious reasons.

Several unions representing police, firefighters and teachers, among other groups, sued the city this week to invalidate the dismissals, although attempts to do so have so far been unsuccessful in New York courts.

Last Monday, several hundred people marched through the streets of the city to protest these requirements and ask for the end of the restrictions against covid-19 in a demonstration called on the occasion of the expiration of the deadline given to officials to get vaccinated.

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