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Anonymous declares “cyber war” against Russia and claims attack on Russian media for the invasion of Ukraine

The hacker group anonymous claimed responsibility on Monday for a cyberattack that paralyzed several Russian media, including state news agencies, after the attacks these days against several official Russian websites.

For several minutes, the pages of the TASS and RIA Novosti agencies, the daily Kommersant, the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia and the magazine Forbes Russia carried a message calling for “an end” to the Russian invasion of Russia. Ukraine.

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“In a few years, we will live like in North Korea. Why do we need this? So that Putin ends up in the history books? It’s not our war, let’s stop it!”read the inscription.

“This message will be suppressed and some of us will be fired, perhaps jailed. But we can’t anymore.” added the text, accusing the journalists of the media in question of “indifference”.

  • “This illegal invasion is the sole responsibility of Putin, but NATO created the conditions for it to happen”
  • Ukraine confirms that Russia destroyed the world’s largest plane and promises to rebuild it
  • President Zelensky calls for Ukraine’s “immediate” entry into the European Union

These attacks take place after this same group carried out other actions on Thursday against the pages of the Russian public television network RT (ex-Russia Today).

On Saturday, the websites of the Kremlin, the Duma (lower house of Parliament) and the Ministry of Defense were blocked, an operation also claimed by Anonymous on Twitter.

These attacks consist of a “denial of service” (DDOS), which makes pages inaccessible.

The NetBlocks organization, specialized in monitoring the Internet in the world, also pointed out in a report on Saturday the slow access on the pages of the main Russian telephone operators, such as Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline or Megafon.


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Source: Elcomercio

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