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Strong explosion shakes Kiev: Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense intercepted Russian missile near the train station

A loud explosion heard this afternoon at the Kiev train station was due to the fall of a Russian missile that was intercepted and destroyed by the anti-aircraft defense of Ukrainewithout causing casualties, but which broke an important heating pipe in the city, reported the adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Geráshenko.

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“An important heating pipeline in Kiev was damaged as a result of the missile attack in the central railway station area. A part of the city could be deprived of heating tonight”he wrote on Telegram.

The Unian agency, for its part, pointed out that a Russian shell fell in the area of ​​the station’s underpass. Between the Ibis hotel and the station building”, with no reported victims.

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Shortly after, Geráshenko published a clarification about the explosion at the station, on his Telegram channel.

“Our heroic air defense shot down a cruise missile of the Russian fascists, which was intended for one of the control centers”wrote.

Debris from the downed rocket damaged the main heating, but he said “it will be repaired in the morning.”

The Ukrainian official justified the activation of anti-aircraft defense because, he said, “if this missile had hit a target somewhere in the center of Kiev, the casualties and destruction would have been horrendous.”


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Source: Elcomercio

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