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Zelensky criticizes NATO’s “deliberate” refusal to establish a no-fly zone

President ukrainianVolodymyr Zelensky, regretted the decision on Friday “deliberate” of NATO not to establish a no-fly zone in Ukraine, despite the Russian invasion of the country.

“Today, the leadership of the (Atlantic) Alliance gave the go-ahead to the continuation of the bombing of Ukrainian cities and towns, refusing to establish a zone from exclusion aerial”, he assured in a video released by the Ukrainian presidency.

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“Despite knowing that new bombings and new casualties are inevitable, the NATO decided in a way deliberate not to close the airspace of Ukraine”critical Zelensky.

“We understand that the countries of the NATO they have created a narrative for themselves, according to which the closure of Ukraine’s airspace would provoke direct aggression by Russia against the NATO”, he added.

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The general secretary of the NATOJens Stoltenberg, closed the door on Friday to the Ukrainian request for set up a zone from exclusion aerial.

“The allies agreed that we should not have aircraft over Ukraine’s airspace, nor troops from the NATO on the territory of Ukraine”, he declared at the end of an emergency meeting of foreign ministers of the organization.

According to Stoltenberg, “the only way to implement a zone from exclusion aerial in Ukraine” is by sending combat aircraft from the NATOwhich would have to shoot down Russian fighters operating in Ukraine.

“We believe that if we do that, we will end up having something that can become a total war in Europe, engulfing many other countries and causing much more human suffering,” he said.


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