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This is “Satan”, the feared Russian nuclear missile that could hit 10 different targets

In 1973, Soviet scientists and the military tested the launch of the nuclear missile that would become the deadliest weapon in the world: an intercontinental ballistic missile named R-36.

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The technology used in the R-36 weapon was cutting edge in the mid-1970s and still remains some of the most accurate today. In fact, from the launch point it can reach distances of up to 11,000 kilometers.

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The Twitter user Ivan O’Gilvi cshared some images in which you can see some of the missiles that use the system developed since 1972, perfected since then with its most recent modifications made in 2021.

Ivan O’Gilvi posted on Twitter photos of missiles using the system developed since 1972. (Twitter: @o_Gilvi).

More lethal and more accurate

Although one weapon is often confused with the other, the R-36 missile is not the same as “Satan”, its variation was named R-36M. According to the Russian news agency Sputnikthis second missile took the best features of its predecessor. Satan has one destructive capacity between 15 and 25 megatons when loading the heavy warheads. In the case of the light ones, these have a power of 8 megatons. One megaton corresponds to the explosive possibility of one million tons of dynamite.

The previous R-36 was on some springs that had to be replaced when the new missile was created, since “Satan” exceeds 200 tons. According to official specifications, a single missile of this type could hit 10 different targetsand could cause several other smaller detonations. With its power, it is capable of destroying the entire territory of France or the east coast of the United States.

Thermonuclear bombs have a destructive capacity of 50 megatons.  (iStock).

Thermonuclear bombs have a destructive capacity of 50 megatons. (iStock).

What’s more, comes equipped with decoy bombs and multiple nuclear warheads within a single missile. This makes it harder to take down once it has been released. Once in the air “Satan” missiles manage to hit their targets with a deviation of a radius of 130 meters. In the event that the silo from which it is launched is hit by an enemy nuclear missile, the R-36M would not stop its launch, but would only postpone it for 3 to 5 minutes.

In August 2018, in the midst of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine due to the territorial dispute over Crimea, Vladimir Putin shared videos where they could be seen tests and launches of a post-this weapon: Satan 2. This weapon, instead of having 10 nuclear warheads, would have 12. By the end of 2021, Putin had warned that this would be ready for use at the end of 2022according to the English medium The Sun.

Now, with the conflict in Ukraine, fears in the world that the war will go nuclear are reminiscent of the crises that occurred during the Cold War.


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