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They arrest a mother who strapped on a minor who accused her son of bullying him in a US school

Police arrested a woman who entered a school in Florida (USA) and hit a 13-year-old minor with a belt who had reported having been harassed and beaten by her son, but he paid bail and is now free.

Kady Sewell33, who was booked into the Miami Turner Guilford Knight Jail, He was released Sunday after posting $1,500 a result of this event that occurred on Thursday at the private religious school Bethel Seventh Day Adventistin Florida City, in southern Miami-Dade County, local channel 10 reported.

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The woman, who faces child abuse charges, interference in an educational center and entry without permission in a school security zone, was arrested following a complaint made by Zendre Pollardthe mother of the victim, identified by local media as Nehemiah Johnson.

As the security cameras of the school campus show, on the day of the events Sewell calmly entered the educational center, yelled at Johnson and began hitting him repeatedly with what appears to be a belt.

The minor was injured and with a split lip as a result of the impact with the belt buckle.

“The mom comes in whining and cursing at my son and just punched him in the face! In the head of him, the face of him, the arms of him”, Pollard explained to local outlet NBC 6.

Shortly before being attacked, the minor explained to the school authorities that Sewell’s son was harassing him (doing “bullying”) and that in response he picked him up and dropped him on his feet, according to Local 10.

Pollard added that her son suffered from seizures when he was younger and blows to the head, like the ones he received, can be very dangerous for him.

The mother, who received an apology from the school board, had already managed days ago to get a judge to issue a temporary restraining order against Sewell.

Source: Elcomercio

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