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A policeman and a soldier are killed during a humanitarian caravan in Colombia

A policeman and a soldier were killed after alleged members of the Gulf Clan attacked with explosives the humanitarian caravan that they guarded in the department of Antioch (northwest), military sources reported this Monday.

The Command of the Seventh Division of the Army explained that the caravan was covering the route between the municipality of Santa Fe de Antioquia and the Urabá region when “was attacked with explosives while passing through the path (village) Guadual”, from the town of Cañasgordas.

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The attack left, in addition to the two uniformed men dead, four other members of the public force wounded, who were transferred to a care center.

“This Command will file the respective complaint with the competent authorities for the serious violation of the provisions of international humanitarian law, with the use of illicit means and methods of war”added the information.

This attack was committed during the twilight of “armed strike” of the Gulf Clanalso known as the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) and the country’s main criminal gang.

The “armed strike” of the Gulf Clanwhich began last Thursday and supposedly ended this Monday, has affected dozens of municipalities in 11 departments and is carried out in retaliation for the extradition to the US of its top boss, Dairo Antonio Usugaaka “Othniel“, one day before.

This group has restricted trade, the movement of vehicles on the highways and the mobility of people, threatening attacks on those who travel on the roads, even if they are in caravans escorted by the Army, as happened in this case.

According to the Investigation and Accusation Unit (UIA) of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), in the “armed strike” There have been 309 acts of violence that have affected citizens of 178 municipalities in 11 departments.

Likewise, 138 communities have been confined, while 118 civilian assets were destroyed and five humanitarian missions were attacked.

Source: Elcomercio

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