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Russia warns that in case of a direct conflict with NATO there is a risk of nuclear war

Russia stated today that the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, the training of Ukrainian troops in their use, the sending of mercenaries and the exercises of the NATO along the Russian borders increase the possibility of a direct conflict, in which there is always the risk of a full-fledged nuclear war.

“The supply to Ukraine by the countries of the NATO of weapons, the training of its troops to use western equipment, the sending of mercenaries and exercises by the Alliance near our borders increase the probability of a direct and open conflict between the NATO and Russia (…), said the vice president of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev.

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In his Telegram account, the former Russian president added that “such a conflict always has the risk of becoming a full-fledged nuclear war.”

“This will be a catastrophic scenario for everyone,” held former President (2008-2012) and former Prime Minister of Russia (2012-2020).

Therefore, he argued, the West should not fool itself or others but “think about the possible consequences of its actions.”

Medvedev again accused the West of waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, as he did the day before by directly accusing the US of this strategy by providing kyiv with “unprecedented (military) aid.”

Source: Elcomercio

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