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They reveal terrifying details of the death of actress Beatriz Álvarez-Guerra

Beatriz Álvarez-Guerra left behind a promising career. The young actress had made a name for herself in several film productions in Spain: ‘Los Inocentes’, ‘Todo al Rojo’ and ‘You left before time’ – this last production for some reflects the feelings of the artistic guild and their relatives for their unexpected departure-.

The 28-year-old woman, who had trained in Dramatic Art, was traveling in a car that was driven by her boyfriend. According to the first reports, his sentimental partner did not have a license. They were returning to Madrid after a vacation in the parish of Cotobade, Valongo. However, the couple fell into the Almofrei river in cotobadea large tributary in Galicia.

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Images taken by the community show the red vehicle overturned underwater. The man managed to get out, but his girlfriend did not have the same luck. He himself went to look for help in the surroundings. Several of the neighbors tried to help her, but despite their efforts and insistent cries for help, it was impossible for them to get her out alive.

Once the emergency services arrived in the area, he withdrew to Alvarez-Guerra from the back seats after more than an hour, according to local media Faro de Vigo. Resuscitation maneuvers were carried out, which did not yield any results, since had been in the depths of the river for a long time. Finally, it was found that the deceased person was the famous young woman.

As soon as her tragic death was known, the Union of Actors and Actresses lamented the fact: “Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of the actress. May she rest in peace.”

What will happen to her boyfriend?

The man will be investigated for alleged reckless homicide. As read in the Criminal Code of Spainthis conduct can be penalized with up to six years in prison if “it had been committed using a motor vehicle or a moped, the penalty of deprivation of the right to drive vehicles will also be imposed”.

For the moment, he has not declared, he preferred to remain silent, according to sources from the Europa Press agency. A judge released him.but the charges are maintained, so a formal accusation and the start of the respective hearings are expected to establish the circumstances of the accident and why he did not have a driving license.

Source: Elcomercio

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