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Lula da Silva hopes that Bolsonaro “accepts” the result if he is defeated in the Brazilian election

The former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Monday that he hopes Jair Bolsonaro accept the result of the polls if he is defeated in the presidential ballot next Sunday.

“I hope that Yes I win the elections, (Bolsonaro) have a moment of sanity and call me to accept the result of the elections,” he said. Lula at a press conference in Sao Paulo.

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“I lost three elections. Every time I lost, I went home. I did not continue insulting, nervous ”, added the candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT).

The far right leader Bolsonaro has repeatedly questioned Brazil’s electronic voting system and has threatened not to accept the result.

However, in recent weeks he has toned down his comments, in an attempt to woo undecided voters.

With six days to go before the Oct. 30 vote, the veteran leftist and his far-right rival are battling to win over undecided voters in an extremely close race.

Lulawho already governed Brazil between 2003 and 2010, has 52% of the valid votes for the second round, compared to 48% of Bolsonaro, according to a survey published last week by the Datafolha institute. The difference between the two is within the margin of error.

The opponents will have a final face-to-face debate on Friday.

“The strategy of any candidate is first to try to convince people who did not vote for whatever reason to show up and vote,” said Lula, asked about the search for those who abstained in the first round on October 2.

“This election will define whether we want to live in democracy or under barbarism or neo-fascism. That is what is at stake. I hope that people will choose democracy,” she assured.

Brazil has been the subject of a polarized and aggressive electoral campaign, marked by insults and disinformation from both sides.

Bolsonaro He is seeking a second term after four years in which he was criticized for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and a series of controversial statements about women, the press, minorities and ongoing clashes with the supreme court.

For its part, Lula He is seeking a return to power after spending 18 months in jail serving corruption charges, in proceedings later annulled, stemming from the investigation into a massive bribery scheme at state oil company Petrobras.

Lula had reached the first round as a clear favourite, however, Bolsonaro performed better than the polls suggested, with 43% of the vote, against 48% of Lula.

Source: Elcomercio

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