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What is known about the Spaniard who disappeared when he was walking towards Qatar and could be imprisoned in Iran

The love for soccer of the ex-military and adventurer SpanishSantiago Sánchez Cogedor, have taken him on huge journeys to enjoy a game, such as in 2019 when he undertook a round trip by bicycle from Madrid until Saudi Arabia to see the real Madrid contest the final of the Spanish Super Cup. The most recent challenge that he set himself was to get to Qatar walking from his native country to be able to follow the Spanish team during the World Cup 2022. Three weeks ago, however, she disappeared without a trace.

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During his years as a soldier, Sanchez he became an expert on international missions. He has set foot in more than 50 countries and is a specialist in moving around the Arab world, according to the portal

In January, it designed a 6,500-kilometre route starting from Alcalá de Henares, in Madrid, to Dohain qatar. In these nine months on the road, which according to his closest circle he sought to give the message that “you can get anywhere on foot”, Sánchez had managed to cross 15 countries.

Until before his disappearance he had successfully traversed France, Monaco, Italy, San Marino, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Iraq, from where he crossed into Iran and the last place his family and friends heard from him.

In January of this year, the former soldier and adventurer Santiago Sánchez Cogedor undertook a 6,500-kilometer journey on foot to Doha to see the Spanish team play in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Sánchez Cogedor Family via AP/)


things are hot”.

That was the last message Sanchez he sent his friend, Coque, on October 2, when he was about to cross into Iranian territory.

The same day, Sanchez He sent a voice message to his parents.

Tomorrow I am going to Tehran, to the capital, the television is going to do a report on me, and from there we are going to Bandar Abbas with his family. Once there, near the port we will take a boat to Qatar. I’ll make videos or whatever”, Said the adventurer to Celia and Santiago, his parents, who shared the message with Spanish television, reported Antena 3.

I’m going to move to a country where I don’t have communication because it’s blocked, I don’t have internet, so don’t worry for now, I won’t be posting anything”, he warned Sanchez.

On October 2, Sánchez sent an audio to his parents telling them that he would enter Iran and that he would not be able to communicate due to the Internet blockade imposed in the country due to the protests.

On October 2, Sánchez sent an audio to his parents telling them that he would enter Iran and that he would not be able to communicate due to the Internet blockade imposed in the country due to the protests. (Paul White / AP /)

The arrival of the adventure Iran It coincided with the largest protests recorded in the country since the Islamic Revolution. The protesters rose up after the death of Mahsa Amini, who died after being arrested by the Iranian morality police.

In response, Tehran ordered a violent repression of street demonstrations and suspended Internet coverage to hinder the calls that were launched through social networks.

The mother of Sanchez He assures that the message from his son kept them calm for a week, but then they began to worry about not having news about his whereabouts.

On the eighth day, the parents of Sanchez They reported his disappearance and went to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from where they were told that the ambassador in Tehran was investigating the case.


Over the next two weeks, the case of Santiago Sanchez Cogedor It has remained a great mystery.

This Wednesday, however, he started with a news that could give more clues about his whereabouts.

According to the TV channel Iran International, Sanchez would have been arrested along with his translator in the city of Saqez, while visiting the tomb of Mahsa Amini.

The information would have been confirmed by the Kurdish-Iranian opposition group Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, which detailed that Sanchez “He is being held in the Iranian Intelligence detention center in Sanandaj,” according to the newspaper El Mundo.

The group adds that Sanchez He would be one of the nine foreigners that the Iranian government announced it had arrested three weeks ago for being linked to the protests in the country. The adventurer’s father had already declared weeks ago that his son has no kind of link or political interest in the protests.

In communication with EFE, the family of Sanchez He pointed out that they still do not have confirmation that the adventurer is imprisoned in Iran. According to Celia Cogedor, the mother, the Spanish embassy cannot yet confirm the information received.

Sánchez's parents have not yet received an official confirmation of the adventurer's detention in Iran.

Sánchez’s parents have not yet received an official confirmation of the adventurer’s detention in Iran. (Paul White / AP /)

I understand that they are diplomats, that it is the Embassy and that they are being very cautious”, indicated the woman, who adds that the institution “he is tipping over and he is behaving very well”.

The mother of Sanchez He also pointed out that the family is “much calmer”, despite the circumstances, after receiving the news about his possible whereabouts.

Source: Elcomercio

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