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Prosecuted members of a sect investigated in Argentina are released

A court of Argentina confirmed the prosecution and ordered the release of 18 members of a criminal organization with branches in USAwhich operated as a sect and is accused, among other crimes, of human trafficking, judicial sources reported Monday.

Chamber II of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Chamber confirmed the prosecution of the 18 defendants in the case for the crimes of illicit association, trafficking in persons for the purpose of exploitation and money laundering.

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It also confirmed the embargoes placed on the assets of the accused, but ordered the release of the accused.

After an investigation of just over a year, federal agents from the Department of Trafficking in Persons of the Argentine Police carried out on August 12 the so-called “Secta Sociedad Anónima” operation, in which they carried out 50 raids and arrested, among others, to John Percowickznicknamed “the Master” and designated as the alleged maximum leader of the organization.

The organization was called the BA Group, and it operated under the Yoga School of Buenos Aires.

As reported on Monday by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, under the guise of dedicating itself to the study of yoga philosophy, this coercive organization exploited its members, mainly through the practice of “gheishado” (sexual exploitation) of “students” with people of high economic power, for the enrichment of the “teacher” and the school.

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According to the judicial investigation, the organization also had an illegal clinic where students were put to sleep for days with different types of psychoactive drugs.

In the raids carried out last August, money, jewelry and documentation were seized and investigators estimate that the organization had assets of at least 50 million dollars, with accounts located in the United States.

Source: EFE

Source: Elcomercio

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