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New COVID-19 Cases in China Drop to 35,000; 87% are asymptomatic

The numbers of new infections of the covid in China They fell this Thursday after the National Health Commission reported today 34,980 cases detected the day before, of which 30,539 (87%) are asymptomatic according to the institution’s standards.

Among the 4,278 symptomatic cases, the vast majority (4,233) occurred due to local transmission within the country’s borders, with a special incidence in areas such as Canton (southeast, 1,782), Beijing (942) and Chongqing (center, 189).

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The 30,702 asymptomatic cases registered in the country were concentrated in the same areas, although it should be remembered that the health authorities do not include them in their balance of confirmed cases unless they begin to manifest the required symptoms.

The Commission also indicated that 45 of the symptomatic cases and 163 of the asymptomatic cases were detected in travelers coming from abroad.

Throughout the country there are more than 396,000 people isolated under medical observation for being asymptomatic carriers of the virus, among which around 1,780 come from other territories.

China, which applies a severe “zero tolerance” policy towards the new coronavirus, has suffered waves of outbreaks in recent months attributed to the omicron variant that have caused record numbers of infections not seen since the start of the pandemic in the first half. of 2020.

The National Health Commission also detailed that, throughout Tuesday, more than 2,877 patients were discharged after successfully overcoming covid.

The number of active infected with symptoms in mainland China now stands at 38,748, 98 of whom are in serious condition.

Since last weekend, there have been protests in several cities in China over exhaustion due to restrictions imposed to try to contain outbreaks.

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Cantón, which registers thousands of new cases a day, witnessed in recent days riots between residents of neighborhoods affected by outbreaks and security forces dressed in PPE suits.

According to the institution’s accounts, since the start of the pandemic the country has registered a total of 327,964 infections -a figure that excludes asymptomatic people- and 5,233 deaths.

To date, some 13.2 million close contacts with infected people have been medically monitored, of which more than two million remain under some type of quarantine.

Source: Elcomercio

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