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Ephemeris of January 19: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On January 19, but in 1880, the Spanish Congress of Deputies votes for the abolition of slavery in Cuba.


1722.- A fire destroys the Coliseum of Mexicoconsidered the first theater venue in New Spain.

1899.- The alleged mortal remains of Christopher Columbus arrive in Sevilletransported by the steamer “Giralda”.

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1910.- A fire destroys the palace of Ciraganin Constantinople, seat of the Turkish Parliament.

1915.- The French Georges Claude patents the neon tubewhich would become popular due to its use in billboards.

1921.- Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica sign the Pact of Union of Central America in San José de Costa Ricawhich only lasted a year.

[1945-TheSovietarmyliberatesKrakowoccupied by the Germans since the invasion of Poland in September 1939.

1966.- Indira Gandhi is elected head of Government of India, replacing the recently deceased Bahadur Shastri. She is the first woman to hold this position. 1984.- The Argentine president, Raúl Alfonsín, orders the imprisonment of General Ramón Camps, as directly responsible for the “disappearance” of 5,000 people.

1985.- 41 people die in Cuba when a plane crashed in San José de las Lajas.

1992.- Zheliu Zhelev, head of state of Bulgaria since 1990, is ratified in his position at the polls and becomes the country’s first democratically elected president.

2002.- After almost 20 years of civil war in Sudan, the government and the guerrillas sign a ceasefire agreement in Switzerland for six months in the Nuba Mountains region.

2006.- 44 Slovak Peacekeepers die in Kosovo when a military plane crashed in Hungary.

– The European Parliament (EP) elects a 46-member committee tasked with investigate possible illegal activities of the CIA in Europe.

– NASA launches the probe “New Horizons” towards Pluto.

2008.- The Spanish Adolfo Nicolás is elected the new Superior of the Jesuits.

2010.- japanese airline Japan Airlines (JAL), the largest in Asia, files for bankruptcy.

2012.- the photographic company Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy.

– The FBI closes the Megaupload download portal and its founder, Kim Dotcom, is arrested in Auckland, New Zealand.

2013.- A terrorist assault on the Algerian gas plant in In Amenas results in the death of 38 civilians (37 of them foreigners) and 29 terrorists.

2014.- Demonstrators and policemen stage clashes in kyiv next to the Ukrainian Government headquarters, after a massive demonstration in Independence Square.

2019.- The jury reviewing the sentence of the Spanish-American Pablo Ibar finds him guilty of the triple murder committed in Florida in 1994.


1798.-Auguste ComteFrench philosopher.

1809.- Edgar Allan PoeAmerican writer.

1839.-Paul CézanneFrench impressionist painter.

1919.- Joan BrossaSpanish writer and sculptor.

1920.- Javier Pérez de CuéllarPeruvian diplomat and politician, former Secretary General of the UN.

1921.- Patricia HighsmithAmerican writer.

1923.- Eugenio de Andrade (pseudonym of José Fontinhas)Portuguese poet.

1924.- Jean-Francois RevelFrench writer and journalist.

1930.- Nathalie “Tippi” Hedren, American actress.

1943.- Larry ClarkAmerican photographer and film director.

-Janis JoplinAmerican rock and blues singer.

1946.- Dolly PartonAmerican singer and actress.

1949.-Robert PalmerBritish singer.

1952.- Helen MackGuatemalan human rights promoter.

1956.-Susan SolomonAmerican atmospheric chemist.

1959.- Sofia of HabsburgArchduchess of Austria and model.

1964.- Ricardo ArjonaGuatemalan singer-songwriter.

1967.- Javier CámaraSpanish actor.

1982.- Pete ButtigiegAmerican politician.

1985.- Damien ChazelleAmerican filmmaker.

1992.-Mac MillerAmerican rapper.

1998.- Giovanna GrigioBrazilian actress, singer and presenter.


1947.- Manuel MachadoSpanish writer.

1987.- Gerald BrenanBritish writer, Hispanist.

1999.- Jacques LecoqFrench actor.

2000.- Bettino CraxiItalian politician.

-Hedy LamarrAustrian actress and inventor, precursor of Wi-Fi.

2003.-Francoise Giroud, French writer, journalist and former minister.

2006.- Tony FranciosaAmerican actor.

2007.- Denny Doherty, Canadian singer, founder of “The Mamas and the Papas”.

2016.- Ettore ScolaItalian filmmaker.

2017.- Miguel Ferrer, American actor.

2020.- Jimmy Heathknown as “Little Bird”, American jazz saxophonist.

2022.- René RobertSwiss photographer.

Source: Elcomercio

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