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War in Ukraine left 180,000 dead or wounded in Russian ranks, according to the Norwegian army

In almost a year of fighting, the war in Ukraine It has caused nearly 180,000 deaths or injuries in the ranks of the Russian army, and 100,000 on the Ukrainian side, not counting 30,000 civilian deaths, according to calculations released this Sunday by the head of the Norwegian army.

“Russian losses are approaching 180,000 soldiers killed or wounded.”affirmed the Norwegian Chief of Staff Eirik Kristoffersen in an interview with the TV2 channel, without specifying the origin of these figures.

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Norwayborder country with RussiaIt has been a member of NATO since its founding in 1949.

“Ukrainian losses probably go beyond 100,000 killed or wounded. Also, Ukraine records 30,000 civilian deaths in this horrifying war”, added the Norwegian general.

Russia and Ukraine They have not given reliable balances of their losses for months.

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In November, US Army chief Mark Milley had claimed that the Russian army suffered losses of more than 100,000 killed or wounded.with a similar “probable” balance on the Ukrainian side.

These figures cannot be verified from an independent source.

Despite heavy losses,Russia is in a position to continue (this war) for a long timethe Norwegian chief of staff added on Sunday, citing Moscow’s weapons mobilization and production capabilities.

“What is most worrying is how long Ukraine will be able to keep Russian aviation out of the war.”, since this has been possible “thanks to the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses”.

Most of the Russian bombing in recent months has been with long-range missiles.

The Norwegian general asked to quickly supply tanks to Ukrainematter for now stopped especially by Germany.

Despite urgent calls from Ukraine and several European countries, Germany refused on Friday to supply its Leopard tanks to kyiv.

Source: Elcomercio

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