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They spread photos of the boyfriend of Valentina Trespalacios, DJ murdered in Bogotá

The lifeless body of Valentina Trespalaciosa renowned 23-year-old DJ, was found inside a suitcase in the Los Cámbulos neighborhood, in the town of Fontibón.

His relatives are looking for to the man who would be her partner and who, according to the deceased’s uncle, would have been the last person to see her alive.

Look: Woman found dead in Bogotá is DJ Valentina Trespalacios: this is known

This Sunday, January 22, the authorities reported the discovery of the body of a woman. According to the first versions, the body of this young woman was found by a recycler inside a dumpster.

In the middle of an interview with the communication medium ‘Blu Radio’, Carlos Trespalacios, Valentina’s uncle, indicated that the The young woman’s partner was the last person to see her alive.

“She appeared in a suitcase (…) She went out to party with her American fiancé on Friday and Saturday, so much so that she shared WhatsApp messages while at the disco”said the relative of Trespalacios.

According to information provided by the victim’s relatives, this man, named John Poulos, had been dating the young DJ for more than a year. Carlos Trespalacios mentioned to the aforementioned medium that they “had many plans”, so they do not understand “what could have happened”. So far, there is no trace of the man.

After learning of the woman’s murder, relatives and friends of Valentina Trespalacios began to spread various photographs through social networks where John Poulos is seen in the company of the DJ.

The first report from Legal Medicine mentions that the young woman’s body presents a “pressure groove in the hyoid region”, which, according to experts consulted, is observed in cases of hanging. The authorities, for their part, are carrying out work with security cameras of the area to identify the alleged perpetrators and carry out neighborhood work to gather information from possible witnesses.

Source: Elcomercio

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