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Bolivia: Five members of a family die in a traffic accident

The five members of a family died in a traffic accident, when a vehicle and a dump truck collided head-on on an interprovincial highway located 20 kilometers from the Bolivian city of Oruro.

The departmental director of the Oruro Transit Unit, Ricardo Zapataconfirmed that the accident was a “head-on collision with five people dead” and that the event happened at dawn.

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The police chief stated that the probable causes of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of the two parents and three children of a family, were due to “speeding” or a possible “lane invasion” of the vehicles that were part of the event.

In the images shown by the media, the car can be seen under the dump truck, which due to its weight destroyed and crushed almost the entire body of the vehicle in which the family was.

The Police explained that the vehicle was for public use and belonged to the municipality of take outin the jurisdiction of Oruro.

Once the authorities learned of the accident, the rescue work of the bodies imprisoned by the iron began.

This Wednesday, the traffic police authorities also reported the death of seven people and around twenty injured in another accident between a bus and a trailer at the entrance of El Alto, a neighboring city of La Paz.

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In that event, the split-level passenger vehicle collided head-on with the rear of the trailer’s cargo flatbed, destroying almost half of the bus.

Accidents on Bolivian highways cause around 1,400 deaths and some 40,000 injuries each year, and are mostly due to human errors that can be prevented, according to official data.

Source: Elcomercio

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