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Happy ending: they found the dogs of the man who broke down in tears at the airport

In the last few hours, a video has circulated on the internet of a man who broke down in tears when he learned that an airline had lost his four dogs, while making a stopover in Turkey. This clip has moved netizens, who are wondering how this story ended.

The man identified as Joao Paulo de Costa He uploaded a video on his social networks in which he affirms that he has already found his puppies and disapproves of the treatment that the airline gave his pets.

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“We can clearly see the nonsense and neglect that they did to my children, our four-legged pets do not deserve this treatment, they cannot be treated as suitcases or objects,” he wrote in the publication.

Furthermore, he added: “The purpose of this video was never to go viral (I didn’t even realize I was being filmed, but it went viral) all of this was just for everyone to see how they usually treat air travel for our dogs, I ended up losing contact with them at the airport of my connection with Turkey, thank God and the Police we managed and found them. We can never accept this kind of deal. Everything went well, but what if it didn’t? Leave it alone!”.

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On the other hand, in his video he explained that the flight left from the Philippines to Turkey, where they had a connecting stopover. When the man arrived at the Turkish airport his flight was cancelled. So he went to the gate and asked for information about his doggies.

At that time, the airline employees could not tell him where his dogs the man became desperate and reacted in the way that is seen in the video that went viral on social networks.

By last, Joao Paulo de Costa thanked God because the Police arrived and was able to locate his furry ones. At the moment they are all happy in their home. For their part, Internet users have shown their emotion upon learning that the man found his puppies.

Source: Elcomercio

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