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Surprise in New York: an alligator appeared in a Brooklyn park

The presence of alligators in the state of Florida is not usually surprising to the neighbors, but the story was different yesterday, when a reptile over a meter long was found on Prospect Park Lane, in the Brooklyn district, NY.

The three-foot-long alligator was spotted Sunday morning by park maintenance personnel in Brooklyn, according to a New York Parks Department spokesman (NYC Parks, in English), Dan Kastanis, to local media. “The reptile was found in poor condition, lethargic“, he said, and specified:” It is possible that the alligator was surprised by the cold, since it is native to warmer climates.

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As reported by the local news channel NY1, no one was hurt by the alligatorand was first taken to an animal care center before being transported to the Bronx Zoo for evaluation and treatment.

Since its discovery, the alligator has been nicknamed Godzillasaid the New York City Animal Care Center.

“The parks are not suitable homes for animals that are not native to those parks, domesticated or not,” a NYC Parks official told ABC7. “In addition to the potential danger to park visitors this could have caused, the release of non-native animals or unwanted pets can lead to the removal of native species and unhealthy water quality. it is native to warm, tropical climates,” he added.

According to local media, the animal belonged to a person who dumped the animal in the waters of the park. The New York Police Department is trying to find out who dumped the alligator.

“The working theory is that it was a domesticated pet and someone released it into the lake.”concluded Christopher Brunson, a resident of Prospect Park.

Source: Elcomercio

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