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Ukrainians in Argentina call for an end to the Russian invasion

Ukrainian citizens living in Argentina and political groups of the South American country marched this Friday through the streets of Buenos Aires to demand the end of the war, one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Dozens of people, including Ukrainian descendants and residents, marched towards the Russian Embassy in the Argentine capital, where they displayed banners with some legends such as “Russia, a terrorist state.”

“There are many emotions, but generally sadness, although we also have a feeling of struggle. We Ukrainians are another nation and until one of us remains anywhere on the planet, people will continue to fight. We will never be part of Russia.”Silvester Lewkiw told EFE.

Accompanied by several blue and yellow flags, along with bouquets of the same colors in commemoration of the victims of the conflict, the demonstrators clamored for the Russian army to withdraw from Ukraine.

“The war was sudden and painful, my friends and my mother are still there, from here we make all possible marches, to at least help with something. One has a lot of anger over the situation,” Nika Bukova, a native of the Kharkiv region, told EFE.

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The area where Bukova was born was liberated last September by the Ukrainian Army, ten torture chambers had been discovered there, currently, the authorities registered more than 71,000 cases of possible war crimes during the first year of the invasion, it counted today Eurojust.

“We as descendants of Ukrainians in Argentina continue to show the world that Russia is an aggressor country. The whole community is accompanying the Ukrainian people who previously came to this homeland to make it great.”added to EFE, Mónica Luhovyy, daughter of Ukrainian parents.

According to estimates by the Ukrainian Association of Prosvita Culture, there are currently some 300,000 descendants of Ukrainians in Argentina, most of them living in the northeastern provinces (Misiones, Chaco, Corrientes, and Santa Fe) and in the city of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

In total, there were four waves of migration of Ukrainian citizens to the country: the first was in 1897, the second and third after the First and Second World Wars, respectively, and a fourth and last in the 1990s.

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For their part, militants from the Left Front also marched towards the Buenos Aires Obelisk, which was illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, where they carried out an act demanding the end of the war, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and the Eastern European NATO.

“To end the war, Russian troops have to withdraw from Ukraine, NATO should also leave Eastern Europe and stop the militarization process that will only bring more death to the peoples of the world”said Alejandro Bodart, leader of the Socialist Workers Movement, in a statement.

On February 24 of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the invasion of Ukrainian territory in what he called a “special operation” that intended to take Kiev in a few weeks.

However, the armed conflict continues and has already claimed 7,110 deaths and 11,547 injuries among civilian victims and has caused 8 million refugees, according to data compiled by the United Nations at the end of January this year.

Source: Elcomercio

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