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The ultra-Catholic director of the Colombian police who believes that the condom is “abortive” and attacks gays for HIV

“General, I see that in your office you are accompanied by a crucifix and many virgins. Some have criticized you for being so religious, but that doesn’t matter to you”: this is how an interview that the magazine “Semana” published a few days ago with the director of the Police of ColombiaGeneral Henry Sanabria, who is in the eye of the storm for verbally attacking the LGBTIQ community, criticizing the use of condoms as a contraceptive method, for his defense of exorcism, among other controversial issues.

The uproar caused by these statements and his fervent devotion to his Catolic religion within the institution they have brought the Minister of Defence, Ivan Velasquezto announce that “a verification will be made of the incidence of the religious beliefs of the general sanabria in the management of the institution” that he directs.

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In the interview with Semana, the 51-year-old general also spoke about infidelity, abortion, the role of women in society and his belief in the existence of the Devil.

infidelity in the police

Over the infidelssaid sanabria that “I wish we could (remove them from the police), but we can’t. Because a person who is unfaithful is not a guarantee pledge.

He added that the policeman who is unfaithful “is not to be trusted. It is not a cause for the withdrawal of the police, as in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, it was a very serious fault to be unfaithful to the lady, now it is no longer so. I know several people who are unfaithful to his wife. I don’t pry into her private life, but if she crosses the threshold from private to public, we have to act. Now, for example, a colonel who is stalking some women.

General Henry Sanabria in a picture from December 17, 2022. (SEBASTIAN BARROS / REUTERS).

The abortion

As for the women’s right to abortionsomething guaranteed by the legislation of Colombiathe general assured that it’s a deadly sin because it “attacks life. The Church promotes the protection of life, as does the Civil Code with the one that is about to be born”.

Although the general acknowledged that the woman who aborts exercises a right protected by the Constitutional Court, he said that “from the theological point of view, there is another reading. I say: why doesn’t the Church say it openly? And I say it openly in the institution: what is the problem with abortion? We all come with original sin, except the Blessed Mother. So original sin leads one to be evil from the womb. Baptism breaks that sin. A baby that dies in the womb, not being baptized, is not born into the spiritual world.he asserted.

The LGBTIQ community and HIV

In another part of the interview, Henry Sanabria said that he “respects and makes respect” the people of the group LGBTIQ. He also assured that the police is the force “that has the most people with HIV”, then “you have to be careful because, unfortunately, HIV leads to death”.

“Unfortunately, since we are so many, there is a community LGBTIQ great in the institution. Suddenly there is no education that allows them to be careful in what they do “he stated.

He even calculated that There are 12,000 people with HIV out of the 165,000 police officers that the institution he runs has.

condom use

When Semana asked him if he agreed with condom use, Sanabria said no. “because it is an abortive method, especially for those married by the Church. One of the marriage promises is: ‘Will you accept the children that God will send you?’ and one says: ‘Yes, I accept’”.

The journalist also asked him if he recommends that HIV-positive police officers use condoms and this was his answer: “At the time, when I gathered the people from my team, I told them: ‘You have to be careful, because they invite you to parties, they called them ‘the green party,’ something like that. That lends itself to the intake of liquor, for many things. My recommendation is not to attend this type of situation, take care of yourselves’. But already in this of the specific programs of sexual protection, the Directorate of Health is in charge”.

The director general of the Colombian National Police, Henry Sanabria, speaks during the presentation of a large arsenal seized from suspected dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.  (Photo by Raúl ARBOLEDA / AFP).

The director general of the Colombian National Police, Henry Sanabria, speaks during the presentation of a large arsenal seized from suspected dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. (Photo by Raúl ARBOLEDA / AFP). (RAUL ARBOLEDA /)

Exorcism in the fight against crime

Henry Sanabria acknowledged that he and other members of the police have made exorcisms and other religious practices in their fight against crime and the persecution of bosses such as drug traffickers Pablo Escobar and high command of the guerrilla. He also assured that believe in the existence of the devil.

He exorcism “It is a very complex issue. With the mere fact of mentioning it, the evil one gets angry. The existence of the Devil is certain. I have seen it, I have perceived it, for many it is a fable and others do not believe. And that’s okay because, let’s say, the Devil says so, he denies himself,” he stated.

“Once in Medellin, we were in pursuit of some criminals. One of them was stabbed and thrown from the car. We’d rather help you than keep chasing them. We took his pulse and he was already dead. When we were waiting for the body to be removed and inspected, the body began to drag. That was supernatural. An agent, one of those old men from Medellín, told me: ‘No, my lieutenant, wait and see.’ Then he started looking for him all over his body. Indeed, he had an amulet rolled up, he cut it off and there he died. That theme has been around for many years and dates back thousands of years. Here in the police we have done it, of course, with the accompaniment of the military bishopric. Thank God we have a military bishopric, like other police forces, that helps us in this work of fighting evil “. added.

Henry Sanabria gave as an example of exorcism in the fight against crime, the operations in which the top leader of the FARC guerrilla were killed Alfonso Cano (2011) and its military chief known as ‘Mono Jojoy’ (2010).

About Alfonso CanoHe said it was an Army target. “We did not meet with them, but all the prayer work was done from Bogotá. It is a fight between good and evil, as John Paul of Ephesians says, chapter 6 to 10 onwards: ‘It is a spiritual fight, it is not a fight against flesh and blood. It is a spiritual fight.’ There are many people who do not believe in this”.

General Henry Sanabria is 51 years old.  (DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP).

General Henry Sanabria is 51 years old. (DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP). (DANIEL MUNOZ /)

As for the ‘Monkey Jojoy’told that “The police carried out several operations against him and nothing happened. A priest said: ‘Look, you are not asking God. If you don’t put your actions in God’s hands, that’s not going to work.’ So we performed the holy Eucharist for that purpose and, from Bogotá, the exorcism was performed… The priest blessed the weapons of the State with which he was going to be the object of persecution and it worked. Of course, because it is the action of God”.

On September 23, 2010, the military chief and number two of the FARC guerrilla Jorge Briceño, 'Mono Jojoy', is killed in Colombia in a joint operation by the security forces.  (Reuters).

On September 23, 2010, the military chief and number two of the FARC guerrilla Jorge Briceño, ‘Mono Jojoy’, is killed in Colombia in a joint operation by the security forces. (Reuters).

The woman must be submissive

On March 8, Women’s Daythe general published a tweet with the following message: “The charm of a woman makes her husband happy and if she is sensible she makes him prosper. A discreet woman is a gift from the Lord, an educated person is priceless. A modest woman is the greatest charm. Nothing is worth as much as a reserved person.”

Semana told him that those who took offense considered that the police director was saying that quiet women look prettier. “Of course, and how submissive. A discreet woman makes a man’s heart happy, ”she replied.

He also said that A discreet woman is “she is a woman who, next to the man, is silent when she must be silent and speaks when she has to speak”.

Finally, the general was questioned about his work in the police and his faith. What do you say to your critics who claim that you are running the police with the crucifix and the Bible?

“I say thank you, may God protect us, because thanks to these criticisms and these attacks, Our Lord sees me with better eyes,” he replied.

Source: Elcomercio

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