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Ephemeris of March 30: What happened in the world on a day like today?

In a March 30thbut from 1980, 40 people die and more than 200 are injured in San Salvador due to the panic unleashed after the explosion of several bombs during the funerals for Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero, assassinated on March 24 in the cathedral of the Salvadoran capital.


1615.- Is granted to Miguel de Cervantes the royal authorization for the printing of the second part of Don Quixote with the name of “Second part of the ingenious knight Don Quixote de la Mancha”.

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1544.- Bartolome de Las Casas enshrined in Seville Bishop of the Mexican city of Chiapas.

1823.- It is set to Mexico he republican system of government.

1842.- Crawford WilliamsonLongAmerican physician and pharmacist, uses anesthesia in a surgical operation for the first time in history.

1845.- Spain signs a treaty with Venezuelaby which it recognizes the independence and sovereignty of this country.

1856.- Russia is forced to sign peace with France and England Through the Paris treatywhich ends the crimean war.

1867.- Negotiations for the purchase of Alaska between USA and Russiaoperation that was closed for a price of 7.2 million dollars in gold.

1885.- The invading Guatemalan troops are defeated by the Salvadorans in a battle on the fringes of the coconut river.

1900.- Argentina reforms some phrases of its national anthem that Spain might consider offensive.

1912.- Franco-Moroccan treaty establishing the protectorate of france on a part of Morocco.

[1945- Second World War: The Russians take the German city of dantzig.

1951.- It begins at USA the judgment against Julius Rosenberg and his wife ethel accused of espionage in favor of the Soviet Union. After being sentenced to death they were executed in June 1953.

1962.- The president of the Argentine Senate, Jose Maria Guidobecomes president.

1963.- Military coup against the Guatemalan president, Miguel Idigoras.

1981.- Attack against the president of the USA ronald reagan.

1992.- The Brazilian government resigns due to allegations of corruption of the president, Fernando Collor.

1998.- The Chilean tennis player Marcelo Rios becomes the first South American to reach number one in the ATPby imposing André Agassi at the end of miami masters.

2001.- Zapatista commanders return to Chiapas after 22 days of stay in the Mexican capital.

2006.- The Brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontesstart a flight aboard the Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-8 and becomes the first Brazilian astronaut in history.

2010.- the colombian sergeant Pablo Emilio Moncayo is released after twelve years kidnapped by the FARC.

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2016.- htin kyaw becomes president of the first democratic government of burma in 50 years.

2017.- A seoul court orders arrest of former South Korean president Park Geun-hye for his participation in the corruption plot “rasputin”.

2021.- He US State Department denounces Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in its annual report on the human rights.


1135.- Moses Ben MaimonMaimonides”, Spanish-Jewish philosopher and physician.

1746.- Francisco GoyaSpanish painter.

1793.- Juan Manuel Ortiz de RosasArgentine dictator.

1844.- Paul VerlaineFrench poet.

1853.- Vincent Van GoghDutch painter.

1928.- Tom SharpeBritish writer.

1937.- Warren BeattyAmerican actor and film director.

1938.- klaus schwabfounder of the “Davos Forum”.

1944.- javier kraheSpanish singer-songwriter.

[1945- Eric ClaptonBritish musician.

1964.- Tracy ChapmannAmerican singer.

1968.- Celine DionCanadian singer.

1979.- Norah JonesAmerican singer-songwriter, biological daughter of Indian musician Ravi Shankar.


1979.- Jose Maria Velasco IbarraEcuadorian politician.

1984.- Karl RahnerGerman theologian.

1986.- james cagneyAmerican film actor.

1997.- jose rovirosaMexican filmmaker and professor.

2002.- Isabella Angela Marguerite Bowes-LyonQueen Mother of England.

2003.- Valentin Pavlovpenultimate head of government of the USSR.

2007.- Maria Julia HernandezSalvadoran human rights defender.

2010.- David MillsAmerican screenwriter.

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2021.- Gordon Lidyformer Nixon adviser and Watergate mastermind.

2022.- Tom ParkerBritish musician, member of the British-Irish boy band The Wanted.

.- Dolores CastroMexican writer.

Source: Elcomercio

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