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Ephemeris of April 1: What happened in the world on a day like today

On April 1, but in 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded the Apple Computer company.

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Other ephemeris

1525.- Diego de Alvarado founds San Salvador in present-day El Salvador.

1557.- Death of Lautaro, leader of the Araucanians of Chile, in the battle of Peteroa.

1801.- Publication of the first newspaper in Buenos Aires, “Telégrafo Mercantil, Rural, Económico e Historiógrafo del Río de la Plata”.

1843.- The Ecuadorian president, Juan José Flores, proclaims a new Constitution, called by the opposition “Slavery Charter”.

1863.- Juan Antonio Pezet replaces the late president Miguel San Román as president of Peru.

1885.- Colombian insurgents seize Panama and burn down part of the city of Colón.

1895.- Cuban War. Antonio Maceo, one of the heroes of the country’s independence, arrives on the island.

1908.- Foundation in Buenos Aires of the “Forzosos de Almagro” sports club, base of the San Lorenzo de Almagro soccer team.

1913.- Premiere of “La vida breve”, by Manuel de Falla, at the Municipal Casino in the French city of Nice.

1918.- Creation in Great Britain of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

1919.- The German Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus School of Architecture and Applied Arts in Weimar, the origin of the artistic movement of the same name that dominated the interwar period.

1920.- The German Workers’ Party becomes the National Socialist Workers’ Party (NSDAP).

1924.- Hitler is sentenced to five years in prison for high treason, for attempting to overthrow the Bavarian government by force on the previous November 8.

1930.- World premiere in Germany of the film “The Blue Angel”, directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Marlene Dietrich.

1933.- The “Day of the Book” is established in Mexico.

[1945- World War II: American troops land on Okinawa.

1947.- King George II of Greece dies and is succeeded by his brother Pablo, father of Queen Sofía of Spain.

1958.- Radio Rebelde de Cuba broadcasts Fidel Castro’s declaration of “total war” on the Batista regime.

1962.- Panama assumes the Administration of Justice, the prisons and the Police of the Canal Zone, according to the agreements with the US.

1964.- Francois Duvalier proclaims himself president for life of Haiti.

1964.- Marshal Humberto Castelo Branco establishes a military dictatorship in Brazil.

1971.- The Government of General Lanusse announces in Buenos Aires the lifting of the prohibition to act on political parties.

1979.- After the popular rebellion against the Shah of Persia, the Islamic Republic of Iran is proclaimed.

1991.- Senator Jaime Guzmán, one of the ideologues of the Pinochet regime, is assassinated in Santiago de Chile.

nineteen ninety five.- Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma brings the Crimean government under his control, after abolishing its constitution.

2001.- Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is arrested in Belgrade.

2002.- The Netherlands becomes the first country in the world to recognize euthanasia as a legal act.

2003.- The Argentine government decrees the release of bank savings trapped in the “corralón” imposed in 2002.

2004.- The American technology giant Google launches Gmail, its email service.

2005.- Constitution of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-National Computing Center (BSC-CNS), which houses the ‘Mare Nostrum’ supercomputer, one of the most powerful in the world.

2012.- Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a Burmese opposition member, wins a seat in the Burmese Parliament.

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1578.- William Harvey, English physiologist, discoverer of the greater circulation of the blood.

1697.- Antoine F. Prevost de Exile, French writer.

1815.- Prince Otto von Bismarck, politician and statesman, architect of German unification.

1866.- Ferruccio Busoni, Italian conductor and composer.

1883.- Lon Chaney, American actor 1904.-

1919.- Joseph E. Murray, American, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1990.

1920.- Toshiro Mifune, Japanese actor.

1929.- Milan Kundera, French writer of Czech origin.

1932.- Debbie Reynolds, American actress.

1946.- Arrigo Sacchi, former Italian soccer coach and former coach.

1948.- Jimmy Cliff, Jamaican musician.

1961.- Juan Echanove, Spanish actor.

1961.- Sergio Scariolo, Italian basketball coach.

1976.- Clarence Seedorf, Dutch footballer.


1991.- Martha Graham, American dancer and choreographer.

1993.- Juan de Borbón y Battenberg, Count of Barcelona, ​​father of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I of Spain.

2004.- Enrique Grau, Colombian painter and sculptor.

2007.- Driss Chraibi, Moroccan writer.

2008.- Pedro Zaragoza, former mayor of Benidorm and promoter of tourism.

2009.- Marcos Moshinsky, Mexican physicist of Ukrainian origin.

2018.- José Efraín Ríos Montt, former Guatemalan coup president.

2019.- Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, Spanish writer.

2020.- Ellis Marsalis, American jazz pianist, patriarch of a family saga that includes his sons, trumpeter Wynton and saxophonist Branford Marsalis.

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