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Fingerprints, DNA sample and mugshot: What awaits Trump on Tuesday during his indictment

donald trump will become the first former president of USA to testify before a court of justice as a defendant. A New York grand jury indicted him last week for crimes related to a payment of $130,000 to buy the silence of the porn actress. stormy daniels during the 2016 electoral campaign that led him to the Presidency of the country.

Although charges against trump They are not yet known, several American media outlets indicate that there could be up to 30.

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Trump76 years old, could face charges of falsification of business records, including at least one felonyin the indictment handed down by a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the matter cited by the AP agency.

A combination of images of Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. (Ethan Miller and Olivier Douliery / AFP). (ETHAN MILLER OLIVIER DOULIERY/)

The former president left his Florida mansion in sea-a-lake to fly to NY. ”I will go to court, believe it or not. The United States was not supposed to be like this! ”Wrote the magnate on his Truth Social social network.

It should be noted that Trump He has already launched his campaign to return to the White House in the 2024 elections, in this context his imputation is given.

Trump He will appear Tuesday before the Manhattan district judge. Juan Manuel Merchana respected lawyer and former prosecutor who also tried a case against the Trump Organization for tax fraud last year and was in a related case against Allen Weisselberglongtime CFO of Trump’s company.

According to Telemundo, Trump he may turn himself in voluntarily or be arrested for prosecution as a defendant.

Said media pointed out that officials who know about the plan say that on Tuesday the former president will move from the trump tower to court between 1 and 1:30 p.m. Once on the spot, you will be taken directly to the fifteenth floor of the building.

Once he voluntarily turns himself in, he has to be booked; that involves taking a DNA sample, taking pictures and fingerprinting. They will also give you a registration number.”declared to Telemundo the constitutional lawyer joseph malouf.

No plans to handcuff Trumpaccording to the same Telemundo sources. You will also not be placed in a waiting cell.

Once the photographs are taken, the judge will decide whether or not they should be made public.

After this process would come the formal accusation, where the charges against Trump. At the moment they are unknown because the document is sealed, it only transpired that there are around 30.

The judge also has the power to allow or deny the entry of television cameras into the court.

“It is anticipated that they are charges of non-violence, which in NY they do not have bail; that is, the person always goes free on parole in cases where they are not accused of any crime of violence”remarked attorney Joseph Malouf.

Once charged Trumpwhat is coming are the pre-trial hearings, which can result in a plea agreement, something that the lawyers of Trump dismissed, or the charges may be dismissed. If none of that happens, the trial will begin.

Trump’s lead attorney Joseph Tacopina, assured CNN that he will file a motion to dismiss the case over payment to Stormy Daniels.

“My team will review every issue that we can question and we will dispute it. Of course I anticipate a motion to dismiss the case because there is no law that supports it.”said Tacopina.

Trump He has already announced that once this process is finished on Tuesday, he will fly to Florida to deliver a speech at 8:15 p.m. (00:15 GMT on Wednesday). He also called his case a “witch hunt” and “political persecution.”

Trump He said Sunday “never having had as much support and love as now.” Through his Truth Social network, he said that support is actually “against the radical leftists, rioters, extortionists, political scoundrels and thugs who are tearing our country apart.”

Trump supporters gather at Palm Beach International Airport, on April 3, 2023, before his departure for New York.  (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP).

Trump supporters gather at Palm Beach International Airport, on April 3, 2023, before his departure for New York. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP). (CHANDAN KHANNA/)

Since two weeks ago, when it was reported that charges were imminent against Trump, the tycoon is capturing all the headlines of the written press and his case is aired on television at all times. This, according to his campaign collaborators, has revitalized his supporters.

According to Univision, his campaign says that Trump has raised more than $5 million and added more than 16,000 volunteer signatures after the indictment on Thursday of last week.

“These are key indicators that Americans in all walks of life are sick and tired of using the judicial system as a weapon against President Trump and his supporters,” said Steven Cheung, a Trump spokesman.

Trump himself has also posted a petition to raise funds in the campaign for his re-election, this time directed specifically at the wealthy: “If you have done well, which was possible thanks to the great policies of the Trump Administration, send your contribution to,” he wrote.

The newspaper “The New York Times” pointed out on Sunday that “Trump flourishes in the brilliance of his impeachment”, and that unlike other people who can be seriously damaged by knowing that they are going to be tried, the tycoon “raises money, promotes his campaign and strives to reduce the case to a thriller.”

Source: Elcomercio

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