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Russia to strengthen northwestern border after Finland joins NATO

Russia will respond to input Finland to the NATO strengthening its military potential on its western and northwestern border, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister warned today. Alexander Grushko.

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“Part of the measures have already been announced. We will strengthen our military potential on the western and northwestern borders.”he stated in statements to the agency RIA Novosti.

grushko added that “In the event that forces and means from other countries of the NATOwe will take additional steps to ensure the military security of Russia”.

NATO will host tomorrow, Tuesday, Finland as the thirty-first formal member of the allianceonce the accession process has been completed, with a ceremony the same day that the allied foreign ministers meet at the organization’s headquarters.

Although Moscow has tried to play down the importance of the decision made by Finland and Sweden to join NATO, it has expressed its dissatisfaction on several occasions and has warned that it will take measures depending on the situation.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinpointed out that Russia does not have “concerns or territorial claims” with these countries, which asked to join the Atlantic Alliance after the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

“There is nothing that can worry us regarding the belonging of Finland and swedish to the NATO. If that’s what you want, then go ahead.” added the Russian president, who, however, did not rule out “certain tensions” if these countries “generate threats.”

Source: Elcomercio

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