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Florida Governor Signs Law Allowing Gun Carry Without Permit

the governor of Floridathe republican Ron DeSantissigned this Monday the law that allows carrying a firearm without the need for a state permit, a regulation strongly criticized by Democrats and victims and relatives of victims of shootings.

The HB 543 will enter into force as of July 1 and will convert Florida the 26th US state to enact such legislation.

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As of the entry into force of the law, people who carry concealed weapons in public in Florida they will not need special training or background checks to do so.

Bearing arms is a constitutional matter that is on the books”, DeSantis said in a statement Monday.

Florida has been the scene of two serious mass shootings: the nightclub shooting Orlando Press in 2016, with 49 fatalities, and that of the secondary school Marjory Stoneman Douglas of Parkland in 2018, with 17 deaths.

Our governor exposed us at high risk in leaving our homes. The crime rate is going to increase considerably and DeSantis is definitely thinking about his political agenda and for that we are all going to pay a price.”, he told EFE Patricia Padauymother of joaquin oliverone of the students killed at Parkland.

In 2021, 3,142 people died from firearms in Florida, according to data from the foundation of the former Democratic congresswoman from Arizona. Gabby Giffordswho in 2011 survived a shooting at a public event in Tucson.

In April of last year, DeSantis took his conservative agenda a step further by promising to sign a law allowing state residents to carry a firearm without a permit, something he called “constitutional bearing”.

The term of “constitutional bearing” refers to the right to carry a firearm, either discreetly or openly, thanks to the second amendment of the Constitution, which gives the American people the right to keep and bear arms.

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Currently, Floridians don’t need permits to buy a gun, but they do need permits to carry them in public, so this law would eliminate that requirement.

He Democratic National Committee (DNC, in English) American accused this Monday DeSantis of acting “shoulder to shoulder with NRA (acronym in English of the National Rifle Association) to facilitate legislation that could make it easier for criminals to carry guns”.

DeSantis knows that this legislation could be dangerous for Florida families and that is why he signed this bill without his usual fanfare.“, said Jamie HarrisonDNC Chairman.

In Florida, according to data released by NBC6 television, almost 3 million people have a concealed weapons permit.

For Republicans, law-abiding citizens have the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

‘A dark day’ for Florida, say Democrats

But Democrats argue that Florida will become even more dangerous.

DeSantis has been pushing this extreme legislation, which one law enforcement officer described as a “recipe for disaster,” for months in an attempt to boost his national profile and win over WIZARD”, also pointed out, for its part, the Florida Democratic Party.

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The Giffords organization said Monday in a statement that “this is a dark day for florida” and “our children and communities will be less safe because Governor DeSantis is in the pocket of the gun lobby”.

We know that carry without a permit laws lead to an increase in gun violence. We will hold Governor DeSantis to account for his heinous actions”, said the former congresswoman and adviser to Giffords Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, 7,605 Floridians with a disqualifying history were denied concealed carry permits. Approving the carrying of weapons without a permit would remove these important provisions, the Giffords organization stressed.

Source: Elcomercio

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