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India: A bride goes on the run after shooting into the air at her wedding

A girlfriend is in search and capture by the authorities of the India after a video of her, with the traditional clothing of hindu weddingsshot into the air during the celebration of his marriage in the north of the country.

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“A case was registered against the girlfriend after it went viral on the social networks a video of her firing four bullets into the air on her wedding day.”the official told EFE on Monday Girish Chandra Gautampolice of the municipality of hatrasin the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the event took place.

When officers arrived to investigate the incident, “the bride had fled for fear of being arrested”and since then he has been in search and capture, the agent added.

The video shows a man, holder of the gun licensehanding a gun to the girlfriend, who shoots four bullets in the air while she is sitting next to her boyfriend on the stage of the room.

The shot of ammunitionLike the Fireworksat weddings or religious gatherings are common in the Indiaalthough in some areas the use of firearms continues to be used in celebrations, despite being considered a punishable offense since 2019.

Sometimes this type of practice results in serious incidents that leave people injured and sometimes dead. Last February, a woman died after being accidentally shot by a gun at a wedding in uttar pradesh. Also a minor of 14 years died in a similar incident last February.

Source: Elcomercio

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