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African-American teenager was shot in the head for going to the wrong house and ringing the doorbell

Kansas City (Missouri) Police USA) investigates the circumstances in which African-American teenager Ralph Yarl received gunshot wounds to the head and arm from a white man when he went to pick up his younger siblings and took the wrong address.

Four days after the incident, the prosecution has not formalized charges against the owner of the house, a white man who shot Raph Yarlin a case that has sparked street protests and outrage among celebrities.

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Paul Yarl, father of the 16-year-old student shot last Thursday, said this morning that her son was released from the hospital and is at home where his mother, who is a nurse, is taking care of him.

“Keep getting better. He responds and is making good progress”he added.

The young man was shot twice when, at night, he went to look for his two younger brothers and knocked on the door of a house, taking the wrong address.

The homeowner was held in custody for 24 hours, the most for a criminal suspect, until charges are filed, and then He was released while police search for more evidence.

A White man of about 80 years is apparently the one who shot against Ralph Jarlaccording to a review of property records, police statements and arrest records by CNN, which declined to name the individual because he has not been charged.

Missouri It is one of the states in the country with a law for the “defense of one’s own space”, which allows those who feel threatened to defend their life or property without backing down.

A GoFundMe campaign started by Faith Spoonmore, aunt of Yarlhad received more than 1.2 million dollars this Monday at noon and the family’s lawyers criticized the release of the suspect.

The Clay County District Attorney’s Office said Monday it has not received charges against the man who shot Yarl.and that it works with the Police to expedite the review that will determine if charges are filed.

Jennifer Houston, Leslie Jones, Halle Berry and other celebrities have joined the chorus of those who have protested the incident.

“My God! My heart breaks for this young man and his family.” tweeted the singer Houston, whose 7-year-old nephew died in 2008 in Chicago. “I pray for his full recovery.”

For his part, the singer Justin Timberlake also said on Twitter: “Ralph accidentally knocked on the wrong house door and was shot in the head by a man. And then he shot him a second time when he was on the ground.”

“The man is free and a 16-year-old boy is fighting for his life,” Added Timerlake “This can not be”.

Comedian Jones in her tweet said: “I want everyone to hear this and tell me that there is no racism in this country.”

“What happened to this young man is the reason why all black mothers fear for their children”he added. What the fuck do we do if we can’t protect our kids from these rotten racists!”

“His name is #Ralph Yarl and I am disgusted and tired of this feeling, “said the actress Berry, who demanded the arrest of the suspect and called on her followers to send messages to the Clay County Attorney’s Office.

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