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Guaidó asks that they “raise their voices” against Maduro in the forum in Colombia

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidowho arrived this morning at Miami from Colombiafrom where, according to what he said, he was “forced” to leave by the Government of Gustavo Petroasked the countries participating in the conference on Venezuela in Bogota to “raise their voices” against the “dictatorship” of Nicolas Maduro.

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“The persecution of the dictatorship unfortunately also extends to Colombiasaid Guaidó upon arrival at the airport Miamiwhere he told the media that he is “very worried“for his wife and his daughters and his work team, because they have received”threats”.

Guaidóthat while he was president of the National Assembly became recognized as interim president of Venezuela for more than 50 countries, USA included, arrived on Monday at Bogota after a long journey with the intention of participating today in the “International conference on the political process in Venezuelawhich seeks to reactivate the dialogue in Mexico between the Venezuelan government and opposition.

Upon arrival at Miami reiterated that it wasguest“to attend that forum in which representatives of 20 countries participate for the Colombian foreign minister, Alvaro Leyvawho has denied that he did.

Once in Bogota was “obliged” to travel to USA because, according to what he said, they made him a threat of “deportation”.

In a video that he posted on his networks before arriving at USA, Guaidó he said he got to Colombia bypassing a ban on leaving the country imposed by the Supreme Court of your country in 2019 because “The foreign minister (Álvaro Leyva) invited the opposition to listen” at that conference.

I came precisely to carry the voice of millions of those who want a better country, who want a solution, who want to recover their families, who want to recover their dignity and that is precisely why I am going on a commercial flight to USA for the threats to my family, to my daughters and in this case that the family of Fabianadirectly”he added.

Leyva not only denied that the invitation was made but also assured that Guaidó entered Colombian territory inappropriately and was at risk because “in Colombia the law is fulfilled”.

According to a source close to Guaidó consulted by CNN in Spanish, he boarded a plane of the Colombian airline Avianca an hour before midnight.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry reported in a statement that Colombia Migration led Guaidó, “that he was in Bogotá irregularly, at the El Dorado airport with the aim of verifying your departure on a commercial airline to the US”.

The statement states that Guaidó had purchased the ticket and that Colombian Migration she was attentive to that trip taking place without any delay”.

Source: Elcomercio

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