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The couple who recorded how a bear devoured them in six minutes

The death of Timothy Treadwell (46) and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard (37) has gone down in history for the crude story that managed to record their deaths, when a grizzly bear attacked them in Katmai National Park, in AlaskaUnited States, the summer of October 5, 2003.

treadwell He had spent more than 13 years dedicating his life to the care and preservation of wildlife, especially that of this animal, which finally ended his life. He “loved” them, as he confessed on numerous occasions. He felt that his goal in life was to protect them and that is why he decided to cohabit with them in the wild.

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During his life as an ecologist he recorded absolutely all the movements that these specimens made in the natural reserve, their movements, habitat, search for food, hibernation and even fights.

“Look at me how much I love bears, how I respect them, how I am one of them,” said in front of the camera, in an alleged personality disorder, the one who Timothy he truly felt like another bear.

He believed that he knew each individual, that they understood his feelings and that they were his friends. Much of the footage he recorded was used by director Werner Herzog, who in 2005 released a documentary about his life called Grizzly Man.

”There are times when my life is on the brink of death. These bears can bite and kill. And if I’m weak, I lose. I love bears with all my heart. I will protect them and I will die for them. But I will not die by his claws and paws. I will fight and be strong. I will be one of them. I’ll be the master” the conservationist came to say in one of his many moments in which he felt he was in control of what was happening.

“Bears Saved My Life”

Before dedicating himself to carefully observe the wildlife of the grizzly bears, Timothy had tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood, but his career never took off. He came second in an audition for a television show and having “failed” in the attempt destroyed him.

He started working as a waiter and as the years passed his addiction to alcohol and drugs became untenable. until he had a near-fatal overdose.

At that moment he had an epiphany. He discovered “the land of bears” and believed that in order to be redeemed, he must rehabilitate himself.

“Bears needed someone to take care of them, but not someone who was a mess. So I promised the bears to take care of them and that they would help me to be a better person.. They were an inspiration. I was able to put down the drink. It was a miracle”, assured.

He had finally found comfort in his life, but also a mission and he believed he was the only one capable of saving the grizzly. that they lived in the remote Alaska of poachers.

“I would die for these animals. Thanks to these animals I have a life, before I did not have “, he is heard saying on a recording as tears begin to well up in his eyes.

Trust took its toll

After having spent more than a decade investigating the behavior of bears, he gradually lost his fear of them and each time he got closer to be able to record them. According to some documentaries, began to disrespect the safety space.

Timothy tracked them to get close to them and touch them. He considered that she had managed to connect and interact with them.

Some people who knew him and who worked with him claimed that Timothy acted as if the bears were people in costumes and not wild animals.. His hypersensitivity towards nature made him cry when he found a dead animal, He spoke to the corpses, caressed them and dedicated heartfelt words, which were recorded by his camera.

When asked how he was encouraged to live with wild animals, he simply replied: “They are misunderstood.” When asked what he would do if attacked by one of them, he reiterated: “I would never kill a bear in self defense.”

the night of the tragedy

The screams of agony and despair of treadwell and Huguenard they were recorded on a video camera that was found with the cover on, otherwise the images it might have captured would be compared to any graphic horror movie.

Timothy’s constant mistakes made him easy prey for hungry bears, who were about to enter hibernation after the end of summer. Precisely two days before he died, both had witnessed the brutal fight between two grizzly for a dam

”I’m a little worried, especially after watching the fight the other day. I still love them. (…) We will be leaving in a few days and we need to make sure that we film everything we need. I can see the sadness in Tim’s eyes when we talk about leaving.. He really belongs here, this is his house ”Amie expressed to the camera.

”He is one of them and he understands them.(…) Sometimes I feel that he loves them more than me and that is okay for me. These bears are his family. I hope he can handle the depression of leaving them after another successful summer with them.”, adds.

On the night of Sunday the 5th, the day before the seaplane pilot picked them up, a bear about 4 meters high charged into the couple’s camp in the midst of darkness Immediately, one of the two, it is not known who, turns on the camera without removing the cover, presumably to capture what the meeting of the hungry animal with a human being is like.

In the audio you can hear the screams of Treadwell being eaten by the bear. The sound of the rain hitting the tent was combined with the despairing cries of the woman, who can only tell her beloved “play dead”, while the ferocious animal dismembers him.

At one point, a piercing silence is heard that is interrupted by the screams of Amie, who is now the mammal’s new victim. After six minutes of a chilling scenarioeverything calms down and the audio, which is not fully available to the public, ends.

The one who noticed the death of both was willy fulton, the pilot who went to pick them up at the agreed pick-up place. 24 hours earlier he had spoken with Timothy to agree on the trip, but as soon as he landed in the Katmai National Park noticed something strange. The silence of the place shocked him. There was no person there, and despite calling out to him, he got no response.

So he decided to fly to where the couple was staying and saw the worst image. the camp was destroyed and at the site was a crouched bear eating a ribcage.

Grizzlyman is a film based on the life of Timothy Treadwell and was produced by Werner Herzog. (Photo: Lions Gate Films)

When the authorities arrived at the camp, they saw human remains scattered nearby. half arm Timothy he still had his wristwatch on. The park rangers killed the bear that was still there. and when they opened his stomach they discovered human remains and clothing.

However, what was most shocking was that the video camera had recorded the ferocious attack with the cap on, so it only managed to capture sound. In the audio, Amie is heard yelling “Get out of here!”, yelling and roaring. But due to the sensitivity and rawness of the material, very few people had access to it and the recommendation was that it be destroyed.

Source: Elcomercio

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