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Safari is the second most used web browser in the world

Safarithe web browser developed by Manzanahas established itself as the second most used desktop browser in the world, surpassing Microsoft Edge by 0.87 percent, although the leadership is maintained by Google’s Chrome.

This has been announced by the StatCounter web traffic analysis service, according to data collected globally during the month of April on the most used desktop browsers, which also include Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

In this sense, as shown on the StatCounter website, Safari occupies the second position among the most used browsers, covering 11.87 percent of the market, whose users use Safari as the main browser. These data place it above the Microsoft browser with a 0.87 percent difference, since Edge has 11 percent of the market.

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Therefore, during the month of April this year, Edge has ranked third among the most used browsers globally despite its efforts to try to attract more users with the implementation of innovations and tools based on Open AI ChatGPT .

With all this, Google continues to lead the browser market, with a 66.13 percent market share that uses Chrome as the main browser. On the other hand, at the other extreme of the most used browsers are Firefox and Opera, with 5.65 and 3.09 percent of the market, respectively. Finally, Internet Explorer continues in the market with 0.55 percent.

Safari has been favored in this year’s results compared to the data offered by StatCounter in April 2022, since Edge was in second place with a market share of 10.07 percent, specifically, 0. 46 percent more than Safari.

Source: Elcomercio

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