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Zelensky promises that Russia will be defeated as Nazism was defeated

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyvowed that Russian forces will be defeated just as Nazism was in 1945, in a speech on Monday to mark the end of the Second World War and on the eve of a great military parade in Moscow.

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All the old evil that the Russia brings with it will be defeated in the same way that the Nazism”, declared Zelensky in his speech broadcast on social networks.

Just as we destroyed evil together then, now we are destroying a similar evil together”, he continued.

Western countries commemorate the German surrender on May 8, while in Russia is celebrated on May 9.

To remember the Soviet victory over the Nazis in 1945, the Red square in the Russian capital will host an impressive military parade on Tuesday under tight security.

“Overcome!”promised Zelenskybefore announcing the presentation of a bill to commemorate the end of World War II on May 8 and not May 9, a measure with which the country seeks to further distance itself from Moscow.

Despite the encouraging speech of Zelenskyrecorded in front of a World War II memorial in kyiv, the Ukrainian capital woke up Monday to new Russian shelling.

The attacks left at least five injured. More than 35 drones were shot down, according to the armed forces.

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“Our victory”

AFP journalists on the ground saw a destroyed apartment in the district of Svyatoshynsky.

We have been at war for a year. It’s always scary. But not as much as at the front. But of course it’s scary. It’s terrible for childrenhe told AFP. Vadyma 47-year-old neighbor.

He Kremlin has relied on the rhetoric of the Second World War to justify its invasion, launched on February 24, 2022. The offensive, he assured, seeks to “denazify” Ukraine.

Zelensky He asserted, however, that Moscow is responsible for the “aggression and annexation, occupation and deportation”, as well as the “massacres and torture”.

The answer to all this will be our victory, the victory of Ukraine and the free worldhe proclaimed.

The Ukrainian president also announced that the country would celebrate the Europe Day on May 9 to promote peace and unity on the continent. A measure received with gratitude by the bloc of 27 countries.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenwill make a trip to kyiv that same day to “reaffirm the EU’s unconditional support” for Ukraine, announced the spokesman for the bloc’s executive arm.

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On the front

Shelling continues in other parts of the territory. In OdessaIn the south of the country, the authorities reported that one person was killed and several were injured after an attack on a warehouse.

But the fighting is mainly focused in the east of the country, especially in the Donbas basin, partly controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

In the city of bakhmutwhere the Russian paramilitary group Wagner threatened to withdraw due to lack of ammunition, Ukraine claimed that Russian forces deployed phosphorus bombs.

bakhmut has suffered for months the longest and fiercest battle of the war. The head of the paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhinwithdrew his threat to withdraw from the area on Sunday.

In recent weeks there have been several attacks on Russian territory, which, according to experts, herald a counteroffensive of kyiv.

Russia it imputes these facts to kyiv, which never claimed responsibility for them. He also accuses Ukraine of trying to assassinate the president on Wednesday. Vladimir Putin in it Kremlinin an alleged attack with drones for which he also blames USA.

Several Russian towns close to Ukraine canceled Tuesday’s parades for fear of new assaults, although the Kremlin assured that the one in Moscow will be held.

Ukraine claims to finalize preparations for a major counteroffensive, with the aim of recovering the territories occupied by Moscow in the east and south of the country, as well as the peninsula of crimeaannexed by Russia in 2014.

Source: Elcomercio

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